2024 Israel Trip

The psalmist declares, “Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.” – Psalm 84:5.

It is perhaps one of the great privileges of our time to enjoy the Holy Land.  No other place on earth offers such a unique and intimate experience for those who love and follow Christ.  For this reason we are very honored to open this door of opportunity for you.

Marie and I want to personally invite you to come and join us as we make our very own pilgrimage, and encounter in profound ways the wonderful heritage we have in Jesus Christ.  Join us as we encounter the rich culture, the breathtaking sites and the timeless stories preserved so beautifully in God’s word.

Enrich your life.  Make the journey. Be forever changed.

See you in Jerusalem!

Pastor David and Marie Rosales


As many of you are aware, the situation between Israel and Gaza has shown limited progress towards a resolution in the near future. Taking this into consideration, we reached out to Inspired Travel this morning to discuss our upcoming trip. Currently, the air contract they hold may result in a 7-hour layover for those who have purchased the air & land package, due to airline arrangements.

While we have experienced layovers before, a 7-hour wait poses several challenges, including the loss of a day of touring and potential stress for those enduring such extended airport stays. Upon sharing this information with Pastor and seeking his wisdom and input, he carefully weighed the options. Prioritizing the safety and comfort of the group, he has requested Inspired Travel to provide us with fall dates that avoid such obstacles.

Inspired Travel will be supplying us with alternative dates, and we will relay them to you as soon as possible. We sincerely hope that these revised schedules align with your availability, allowing you to join us at that time. We regret any inconvenience caused by this change but truly appreciate your patience. We hope for your understanding and look forward to your potential participation.

Please continue to keep Israel in your prayers.

Scheduled October 21 - November 1
$5398 | $3663

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