Sure Foundation

Sure Foundation is a weekly ministry that instructs attendees, whether new or seasoned believers, on the Christian disciplines. Servants in this ministry fill a variety of roles. These include follow-up ministers, disciples, prayer partners, etc.

Servants will call people who have committed or re-committed their life to Christ to encourage and pray for them, answer questions pertaining to the home studies, and inform them about church events that might be coming up. In class, servants will provide support for the minister, making themselves available for prayer and any questions attendees might have. Servants will also receive and correct the 16-lesson home study Sure Foundation packets, provide discipleship, and act as a main contact or resource at CCCV to ensure growing believers stay plugged in and continue to grow in their relationship with God.

If you are interested in serving with Sure Foundation, fill out a Ministry Application.

ASF Lessons

Lesson 1-Beginning Your New Life With Christ

Lesson 2-Growing Spiritually by Leaps and Bounds

Lesson 3-Introduction to the Bible

Lesson 4-Getting to Know God's Word (the Bible)

Lesson 5-What it Means to be a Disciple of Christ

Lesson 6-The Importance of Sharing Your Faith With Others

Lesson 7-Fellowship-Building Christian Relationships

Lesson 8-Water Baptism & Communion

Lesson 9-Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Lesson 10-Church Ministry

Lesson 11-The Hope of Christ's Return

Lesson 12-Worshipping the Lord

Lesson 13-Getting to Know the Holy One (the Nature of God) pt 1

Lesson 14-Getting to Know the Holy One (the Nature of God) pt 2

Lesson 15-The Trinity

Lesson 16-The Work of Christ (God's Nature)

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