Project Yucatan

In 2016, Helberth Arceo left Calvary Chapel Chino Valley to start a Bible study and children’s ministry in Tixbacab, Yucatán, Mexico. Many people in this small town are traditional and do not view an outdoor study as being a legitimate church gathering. To reach more people with the gospel, construction of a church building has begun. If you would like to give to this project, just click on the GIVE button and select MISSION’S PROJECT YUCATAN.

Helberth Arceo came to the U.S. and got saved while he was here. He began attending CCCV and serving. He participated in discipleship classes and grew in the Lord. As he matured in his relationship with the Lord, God put a burden on his heart to see his people reached with the gospel. Eventually, Helberth realized he needed to obey the Lord, and in 2016, he returned to his hometown of Tixbacab in Yucatán, Mexico.

He began preaching the gospel and started a home Bible study. Currently, there are 20 adults and over 30 children attending. Others in his small village of about 450 people know of his ministry and said they would join him when he has a church. They are very traditional and do not consider a home Bible study in an open patio to be “church.”  

The construction of a church building has begun so that the ministry can reach more people. The footprint of the foundation has been laid, walls are going up, but more work needs to be done. If you would like to come alongside the ministry and support the building project, click the GIVE button, and select MISSION’S PROJECT YUCATAN. We will make sure that 100% of donated funds will be applied toward this project.  

Thank you for your kind consideration and partnership.  

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