Building Foundations

Calling all young believers on a faith-filled venture! Our new believer class for kids "Building Foundations" is where boys and girls can focus on establishing the building blocks of their faith in Jesus Christ.

Constructing Faithful Hearts:
Just like building with Lego bricks, understanding your Christian faith begins with a strong foundation. In "Building Foundations," we dive into essential topics that will shape your child's understanding of their relationship with God.

Lessons Include:
Salvation: Learn the incredible story of God's love and what it means to be saved – the cornerstone of our faith.
Prayer: Discover the joy and importance of communication with God.
The Holy Spirit: Unpack the role of the Holy Spirit.
God's Word: Dive into the Bible – God's ultimate instruction manual – and explore its life-changing lessons.
Promises: Explore the amazing promises God has for each young heart, building trust in His plan.
Remaining in Christ: Understand the importance of staying connected to Jesus.

This 4-week class, filled with interactive learning and faithful fellowship, takes place on Sunday mornings during 2nd service in room 405. Kids will receive a booklet and a Spiritual First Aid Kit that encourages reading the Bible daily. A Kids Ministry teacher will guide the kids through the class and answer any questions they may have regarding their faith.

Building Foundations will be held on the following dates. Kids are welcome to attend one of the four sessions offered during the year.
• Sundays, January 7th – January 28th
• Sundays, April 7th – April 18th
• Sundays, July 21st – August 11th
• Sundays, November 3rd – November 24th

Sundays, April 7th - April 28th
Room 405

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