New Year's Eve 2024

Join your church family as we conclude the year with a special New Year's Eve service at 6:00pm. Pastor Brenen Beeler from Calvary Chapel Eagle will be sharing with us and also Comedian Carlos Oscar. Kids Ministry will be available up to 6th grade.

Brenen is the Senior pastor of Calvary Chapel Eagle located in the Treasure Valley in Idaho. He is the founder of Regenerate Ministries and has a national radio program, Regenerate Radio. Pastor Brenen and his wife, Morgan, are contributors for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute. They live in Boise, Idaho with their sons, Sheadon and Brenson, and their daughter, Katin.

Comedian Carlos Oscar has been described as a lean, clean joke machine. From the moment he hits the stage, his motor-but-not-foul mouth style captivates an audience. Perched on a stool and perpetually leaning in toward the crowd, he comes across less as an “act” but more as the guy everyone in the room wants to be around because he’s got the best stories, hilariously told. Carlos is currently working on developing his own sitcom and hopes once it all comes together, it will have a huge impact on all audiences.

Sunday, December 31

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