Road to Damascus

As fathers we have the responsibility to raise godly men who will be the beacons of light in this dark world. In this class, young men will partner up with their fathers to take them on the road to Damascus, in hopes they will have an encounter with the Lord. This will happen through reading, studying, exhortation, and teaching of many skills.

By studying the Bible, challenging each other, and applying biblical principles to life, young men will begin to start (or continue their walk) with their earthly father. Therein, father and son will live out God’s will for their lives. This will take place through a series of biblical exploration and fundamental life skills knitting our hearts together with Jesus being the common thread.

By partnering with each other to learn the practical foundation of becoming a godly man, we hope to have an encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus. Therein, the young men will realize the importance of the question posed by Saul in Acts 9:6 on the road to Damascus, “Lord, what do you want me to do?”

We will meet on Saturday mornings every other week here on campus. The meetings will consist of a small Bible study, the learning of a skill, and then some fellowship. There will also be individual time and group activities. These are all part of the road to Damascus.

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