Chapel Store

Servants in the Chapel Store serve the Lord by serving the people of his church. There are two different positions:

Customer Service
These servants assist the Chapel Store staff in the everyday operations of the bookstore. These duties include cleaning, dusting, restocking shelves, labeling new merchandise, placement of displays and merchandise, assisting customers, and running the cash register, and more. Servants can work at any time the store is open, but the most desired times are before and after all services and including special events.

Inventory Assistant
These servants assist with taking inventory of books or items. Servant can work at any time the store is open except for one hour before or after services or special events.

In order to be seriously considered to serve in the Chapel Store, make sure you fulfill these requirements:
Have a close, personal relationship with Jesus
Attend CCCV consistently for at least six months
Have a Ministry Application on file
Meet with the Chapel Store manager
Continue to attend Pastor David’s teachings at least once a week while serving

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